• Roses

    One of our main goals is to make  the work of bakeries and confectioneries easier by providing them our cake decorations. We supply our products in wholesale and also in consumer packages.

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  • Decorations
  • Figurines
  • Giftboxes
  • Fruits
  • Chocolate
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Professionals in marzipan decoration business since 2002

Our portfolio consists  a  wide variety of marzipan products- starting from roses and leaves, flowers, figurines, fruits and giftboxes to chocolate coated products.

Our  products are handmade and every one of them has it's unique touch. Our clients appreciate the high quality we proudly provide.

Our skillful workers have produced millions of marzipan products over the years, and have a long experience working with marzipan.

Always professional, high quality, attractive and very tasty!